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About Seraphisa

Marcus C Dolan

Music, Recording and Production


Marcus has been creating music from an early age. He is a pianist, drummer, producer, singer-songwriter, and a music graduate with a background in audio engineering and composing music for television and media.


He has worked on programmes for clients such as Channel 4, The Discovery Channel and The European Broadcasting Union. As a musician, he has performed live as both a keyboard player and drummer with many artists and groups through numerous musical genres and works across the globe with an array of different vocalists and instrumentalists.


He runs his own studio ( in Sussex where he records the music of Seraphisa together with Georgie and even sometimes ventures out with a mobile set up to Georgie's when inspiration strikes!

Georgie G Deyn
Voice and Lyrics

Georgie is a singer, therapist, teacher, and Channel of Love in its purest forms. She works with the Light and Sound of the Higher Realms including the Angelic Realm and that of the Divine Feminine, which has inspired her to create a new healing modality, Angelic Harmony Therapy.


It was through wanting to record her Angelic Harmony Therapy that she she was guided to work with musician and producer Marcus. The pair soon realised they had a rapport and Seraphisa came to be. 


Since 1999, Georgie has worked with groups and individuals of all ages to help them connect to their most Divine selves; healing and inspiring through meditation, singing, music and movement as well as the messages she brings through from her angels and guides.


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